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08/20/06–El Inmigrante just received a nice write up in Variety!!

04/24/06–KVOA News Channel Four in Tucson aired a short story on El Inmigrante. It features a brief interview with John Sheedy. You can read the article and watch the streaming video here.

04/19/06–Beginning Sunday the 22nd of April segments of El Inmigrante will be featured on episode 10 of Sourcecode, Freespeech TV's weekly news magazine. This episode will cover the current climate of immigration in the United States. You can either watch it on Dish Network, cable chanel 9415 or it is available on the Sourcecode site here. The TV times, all EST, are as follows:
Sunday–9am and Noon.
Monday–Midnight, 9am, 1pm, 8pm, and 11pm.
Tuesday–1am. 4am, 11am, and 6pm.
Wednesday–5am amd 3pm.

"Grippingly told."
–NP Thompson, GreenCine Daily

"A moving political commentary, far more humane than didactic."
–Full Frame Documentary Film Festival

"Highly recommended...this story of continuing injustice speaks for itself."
–Richard von Busack, San Jose Metroactive

"El often as evenhanded as it is smartly elegiac.”
–Lisa Kennedy, The Denver Post

"Even while tackling a hot-button issue, El Inmigrante remains always aware of the human life at its center. Like all great dramas, the film is an inquiry into the truth, picking up enlightening shards of social and economic travails along the way, its purpose succinctly summed up by one of the interviews—“There won’t be justice, but maybe there will be consciousness.”
–Fernando F. Croce, Cinequest Online

"This documentary attempts to save the human aspect of the immigration debate."
–César Arredondo, Ventura County Star

"This film needs to be sent to Washington DC."
–Yolanda Peña, Border Action Network

"A Graphic and disturbing documentary."
–Evanston Review

"Just damn good."
–Nat Dykeman, Lake County Film Festival Director

04/06/2006–The GreenCine Daily Blog gave us a great review! Scroll down to Portland Dispatch 2.

03/25/2006–The Ventura County Star ran a nice article on El Inmigrante. It is written in spanish.

03/25/2006–Here is a photo of Co-Director John Eckenrode trying to cast a spell on the audience at the Silver Lake Film Festival.

03/02/2006–The Evanston Review gave El Inmigrante 3.5 star out of 4.

03/01/2006–Metroactive wrote a nice review of El Inmigrante, they called it The Immigrant, preceding the Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose.

02/01/2006–Cinequest Online ran a great write up for El Inmigrante.

01/12/06–New West ran an article recommending "El Inmigrante" as "skip work to see" film at Big Sky Documentary fest.

01/06/06–The Durango Telegraph has just completed a piece on John Sheedy's travels to Mexico during which he screened El Inmigrante in several locales. Most notably he was able to screen the film for our subjects, the De Haro family. You can read more here.

12/30/05–The Durango Herald listed El Inmigrante as one of the 10 top arts and entertainment events of 2005 in Durango, Colorado.

12/10/2005–The Santa Fe New Mexican gave us a nice write up for the Santa Fe Film Festival.

11/24/05– El Inmigrante got a small mention in the Aspen Times Of Aspen, Colorado. Check it out.

09/29/05–The Durango Telegraph has just completed a complimentary piece on El Inmigrante. You can read it here.

"Sheedy and the Eckenrodes…created a poignant expose…they took a complicated political issue and made it human."
–Shawna Bethell, The Durango Telegraph

09/28/05–The Durango Herald, in Durango, Colorado, did a nice little write up on our win in Harlem.

08/09/05–The Silverton Standard newspaper in Colorado ran a good bilingual piece on the issues of immigration. El Inmigrante was discussed in a sidebar to the article. You can download the entire article here, it is a big file. Or you can just download the sidebar about the film here.

"El Inmigrante's view of the situation at the border is a non-judgemental one, and the filmmakers allow their subjects to speak for themselves."
–Jonathan Thompson, The Silverton Standard

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Press Kit PDF (3.9 MB)
United States Mounted Border Patrol
credit: john eckenrode
Photo of Eusebio in De Haro Home
credit: john eckenrode
Eusebio De Haro Day of the Dead
memorial alter
credit: john sheedy
Paciano De haro, Eusebio's father, at sunset credit: john eckenrode
Ricardo and Mercedes De Haro work in the family fireworks plant
credit: john eckenrode
John Sheedy filming Cindy Kolb
of Civil Homeland Defense
credit: david eckenrode